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If you love golf, you’re going to love Puerto Rico, the golf capital of the Caribbean. There are currently 23 spectacular golf courses on the island and six more are on their way.

Luxury cars and limos are expensive and very unreliable, especially on the transfer back to the hotel and fitting your golf clubs. Renting a car and paying for parking is not efficient either, but the top golf courses are away from the metropolitan area and getting there by yourself could be harder than the golf course. Let us get you there for guaranteed reliable and professional transportation!

Old San Juan Tour

This walled city, seven square blocks of which are now a historic landmark, was founded in 1510. Today it is a showcase for four centuries of architectural treasures and the heart of the island’s unique cultural identity.

Bacardi Rum Factory Tour

Visitors to the Puerto Rican home of The BACARDI Rum can enjoy an interactive tour through history, observe the production process and experience the party spirit of BACARDI brand. An unwavering attention to detail and historical accuracy creates a rich, authentic atmosphere that is both educational and entertaining.

Rain Forest Tour

The rain forest is located in the northeast part of Puerto Rico, with the main entrance of Rio Grande, just off of route 3 on route 199. The forest contains hundreds of species of trees, orchids, plants, and a few animals. You will hear the Coqui frogs and see large snails as they enjoy the moisture of the forest. The rain helps to create the perfect ecosystem for the frogs, snails and other creatures in the habitat. You are sure to hear many birds singing as you walk the trails.

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